Having taken its first step into the sector in 1996, ERGBEY has become one of the important companies in the sector due to its values and qualities of innovation and entrepreneurship for over 20 years. In 2007, Ergbey started production in its facility in Gebze Pelitli, whereas today, in a facility equipped with high technology machines based on an area of 5500 m2, 600 tons are produced monthly.

Specializing in the production of high quality aluminium profiles, Ergbey meets the needs of every type of aluminium extrusion products for many projects in the areas of construction and industry within its company store of 1800 m2 located at Ümraniye Organized Industrial Zone.

Ergbey presents functionality and aesthetics professionally. Along with the sales of aluminium profiles, aluminium composite panels and accessories, it also produces ceramic facade systems.

The needs and expectations of its customers are met with over 120 experienced staff. Ergbey continuously increases its quality by providing services complying with the international standards, technical specifications, administrative and regulatory requirements and by following the latest technology to be used in the products and production. By producing its products within the international quality standards for new, different and functional solutions, it carries forward its quality beyond the country borders. Today, being well-known in the international arena and possessing a high competitive power, Ergbey exports to many countries.

Wİth an innovative conception, Ergbey has made it a principle to increase customer satisfaction, thus keeps developing its quality of products and performance expectations. With this goal, it takes the steps to grow with each passing day by continuing its investments with the power and devotion it has brought from the past.

In order to adapt to the future, it has already taken the steps to catch the Industry 4.0 norms, follow and apply the development of the era from the aluminium axis. With the changing world conditions, Ergbey aims to be the company of not the past, but of today and the future.